Can Yoga Serve As An Effective Complementary Therapy For Quitting Smoking?

Like all kinds of addiction, smoking presents an illusion of escape – a past time that you can do if you want to feel pleasure and stress-free. But the truth of the matter is, smoking is actually one of the most harmful and expensive practices that we can obtain at some point in time.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to curb the habit of smoking and one of these methods is to perform Yoga. In fact, most medical experts recommend this exercise as it helps heal your body, mind, and emotions, all at the same time.

Learn more as we are going to tackle more about Yoga as an effective complementary therapy for quitting smoking in today’s health guide.

Yoga Helps Recover Your Body From The Negative Effects Of Smoking

Yoga is highly recommended for quitters as certain poses are designed to further open the air pathways in the body and encourage fuller and deeper breaths:

Cobra Pose – This type of Yoga pose bends your back, which stimulates the lungs and allows it to expand.

Bow Pose – This pose stretches the chest cavity to promote better blood circulation to your lungs and heart.

Cat-Cow Pose – This pose helps in bringing air to the abdomen and improves air circulation.

Yoga Recovers The Mind

Doing Yoga as an effective complementary therapy for quitting smoking is since it enforces your motivation to quit through these techniques:

Savasana (“Corpse Pose”) – This pose is ideal for soothing stress and to clear your mind of any distracting thoughts.

Headstand – This pose helps improve physical balance and breathing. And performing this pose on a calming location like the beach can take away negative thoughts quickly.

Grounding – This pose relieves our mind of constant thinking (ungrounded) and allows our head to decipher what we really want through relaxed thinking (grounded).

It Also Heals Your Heart

Without a doubt, cigarette smoking is an unhealthy comfort craving and is heavily hooked on our emotions. But thankfully, Yoga is a great alternative method in clearing out any emotional baggage you are carrying so you won’t decide to reach for another stick anymore.

Here are the Yoga poses that you can help relieve of stress:

Child’s Pose – This pose encourages you to connect to Mother Nature and be nurtured by its way of healing. As a result, you learn to forgive yourself from getting addicted to smoking and released any negative feelings that cause you to smoke.

Breath Of Fire – Finally, this pose is also recommended as it enables us to reach a higher level of mental and emotional consciousness through intense and controlled breathing.


Overall, Yoga can serve as an effective complementary therapy for quitting smoking because it helps you come into terms with your addiction. And by incorporating this exercise in your treatment program, you will feel more motivated to recover as you now see yourself as victors rather than being victims of your addiction.

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